Dutch Igloo reconstructs miniature landscapes in their studio to create hyper realistic worlds.
About Creating Wilderness

At first glance our landscapes reflect the majestic beauty of nature. They represent fictional, paradisiacal locations.  They seem far-away and surreal places that are difficult to identify.  This wilderness symbolises purity and the essence of life, but also the unknown, darkness, cruelty, and fear.
With “Creating Wilderness” we visualise hyper realistic worlds that offer a passage into a new way understanding our place in the world.   It is a space in which one wanders and wonders. It is obvious that this passage won’t be without struggle, but starting over from scratch becomes a realistic option.
Perhaps our images of wilderness are a new definition of “the paradise.” A wilderness that we all once originally came from. And a place where we are still longing for.  A place that is not made by man and which stands for the unaffected part of reality. And perhaps therefore contains an intrinsic truth. Or at least the believe that such a thing exists.
More about our landscapes:

When we started working on Creating Wilderness, we had just returned from a trip to Canada. During that visit there had been so many forest fires (most likely due to climate change) that half of Canada had been covered in smoke for the whole summer. Nature was stifling. Human impact on nature gets bigger and bigger, not only that, but our whole thinking about nature has changed. There seems to be no nature when we do not determine what nature should be.
We want to understand nature in a mathematical and scientific way. That model also complies our whole reality. It not only determines how we humans experience reality, but also determines how we deal with it, and therefore also how we manipulate reality.
We landscape our worlds to create a new harmony with elements plucked from nature and digital technological elements.The technology augments our diorama’s for the better. It makes it possible to enlarge the small physical worlds but at the same time we keep the complexity and beauty of nature that cannot be captured in a mathematical model. And this complexity of nature, gives us the freedom to explore new worlds.
After all of these transformations, a new reality is created – one with an original referent, not a copy with no absolute source. A mixture of new possibilities.