Dutch Igloo
As artists/designers at Dutch Igloo we design and produce films and dioramas.  We have the privilege of working in the realm of museums, where we blend our skills in storytelling, design and peppers ghost filmmaking to create captivating experiences. With our Holographic experiences we transcend the boundaries of the physical world and introduce a virtual, poetic, or educational layer that connects collection pieces with their underlying stories. 
We believe that by seamlessly blending artistry, technology, and storytelling, we can create transformative encounters that leave a lasting impression. Our objective is to ignite the spark of imagination within every visitor, taking them on a captivating three-dimensional narrative that not only captivates their senses but also connects them to the story we present.
Museums and their esteemed design agencies understand the value of creativity when they look for inspiring experiences. The majority of our exhibits find their place as cherished additions to permanent museum collections.
The artworks of Dutch Igloo/ Anke van Veen and Dik Mus are now to be found under the name of van Veen and Mus.  www.vanveenmus.nl